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Sydney, Australia – November 18, 2020 – Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions today announced the introduction of three new paint protection film (PPF) lines into its Supreme™ PPF series — that protect the vehicle surface from stone chips, road debris, insect stains and weathering while also enabling designers to create dramatic customized looks.

This series includes the top-of-the-range crystal-clear gloss Supreme PPF-X5, Supreme PPF Matte, and Supreme PPF neo Black.

Supreme™ PPF X5 is the top of the line product which is a high gloss, 165-micron  ultra-clear polyurethane film with the most advanced top coating technology available  - XProof Plus™, which offers extreme stain resistance from pollution, droppings, and road grime. 

Avery Dennison utilises the latest in coating technology the new XProof™ Plus, to achieve the Supreme™ PPF X5 wear-resistant performance. Its hydrophobicity means excellent water, stain and dirt repelling properties. Its thermal self-healing properties mean scratches are removed easily from the sun or car engine.

“We are very confident that our new products will disrupt the existing market. In a series of standard PPF tests, we used highly staining household items such as mustard and permanent marker pen. We marked vehicles wrapped in Supreme PPF X5 as well as competitors’ films, and assessed the test spots for visual residual after cleaning. The Supreme PPF-X5 was a clear winner due to its XProof™ Plus coating technology,” said David Newman, senior marketing manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, South Asia Pacific and Sub-saharan Africa.

Supreme™ PPF neo Black is a wet apply, solid colour PPF film with a unique polyurethane and adhesive technology that gives vehicles an exceptionally smooth OEM-paint-like finish while protecting the surface from harmful daily elements. It is a distinctive black film with noticeable colour depth and a rich black pigment, with an ultra-high gloss finish. Installers can now create special effects and accents or transform the roof and the hood for a two-tone look.

The Avery Dennison Supreme™ PPF matte film combines the same exceptional paint protection with a different visual effect. This high-quality polyurethane film is specially designed to preserve and protect a flat factory finish, but designers can also use it to transform high-gloss OEM paint to achieve a dramatic new look.

Both Supreme™ PPF neo Black and Supreme™ PPF Matte are equipped with XProof™ advanced topcoat technology. They absorb impact from scratches and debris, and both provide a warranty of up to 3 years, while for Supreme™ X5 up to 7 years.

“We are excited about providing outstanding products that fit different car owners’ needs - whether it is for extreme protection, or to create endless design possibilities with our uniquely 3D conformable films. The range of products offerings means allowing converters and installers to expand their business model,” Newman continued. “We look forward to a new wave of wrap and design artistry.”

Find more information about the new Paint Protection Films at graphicsap.averydennison.com/supreme-ppf.

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