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Automotive Window Films

Avery Dennison’s automotive window films will improve your driving experience by protecting you from glare, heat, and UV.

Other advantages include:

  • Improved comfort
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Better privacy
  • Reduce reliance on air conditioning to keep cool, saving fuel economy
  • Less fading (protecting resale value)
  • Increased safety

Benefits of Automotive Window Film

Look Cool

Choose from a range of shades and light transmission levels to give your car an aesthetically pleasing custom appearance.

Feel Cool

Avery Dennison automotive window films filter heat and glare, reducing the need for air conditioning and providing a more pleasant passenger experience.

Protect Your Car

Keep the interior of your vehicle looking great by filtering heat, light and UV radiation that cause fading, helping maintain its value.

Protect Yourself

Avery Dennison automotive window films act like sunscreen to protect your skin by rejecting 99% of harmful UV radiation.

Stop Squinting

Reduce glare from the sun or from headlights to minimise eye strain on long trips and in busy city traffic.

Stay Private

Tinted films keep your valuables out of sight and deter opportunistic break ins.

Stay Safe

Avery Dennison automotive window films can help reduce the risk of injury from broken glass caused by projectiles, minor accidents or road debris. If security is a concern, check out Avery Dennison safety automotive films; they make vehicle glass safer, and more resistant to crime.


High Performance Films

A hybrid range of metallized tinting films with professional installation features including excellent shrink capabilities and delivers impressive looks and solar performance.

Non Reflective Films

Avery Dennison’s Non Reflective films provide a wide range of excellent performing tinting films with optimal shrink capabilities for fast and easy installation and outstanding appearance without signal interference (metal-free).

Infrared Films

Spectrally selective automotive tinting film for exceptional heat rejection and optical clarity that is ideal for front cabin application. Its optimal shrink capabilities offer a fast and easy installation.

Warranty Documents


Automotive Window Film - Warranty Bulletin SAPSSA

487.6 KB (pdf)
Automotive Window Film - Warranty Bulletin SAPSSA

Automotive Window Film - Terms and Conditions ANZ

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Automotive Window Film - Terms and Conditions ANZ