Sustainable Graphics Portfolio

Our Sustainable Graphics Solutions portfolio give our customer access to the new generation of more sustainable products. Each product in the portfolio qualifies by meeting one or more of the our criteria:

Reduce VOCs & Solvents

Innovation in the design of key product components, such as PVC-free films, that reduces emissions of harmful compounds


PVC-free products contain no chlorine, phthalates and other halogens and reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Reduce environmental impact during use phase

Products that enable customers to reduce their environmental footprint during use, such as our Architectural Window Films and Illuminated Signage product ranges.

Renewable Content

An alternative source to petroleum based products.

FSC® certified paper facestocks

Products with a paper-based facestock that are sourced from Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certified suppliers, which means the paper is sourced from sustainable and well managed forests.

Reduction in the use of materials

A reduction in material utilization

Digitally Printable Ultra Clear FIlms 

SP 1540 Ultra Clear

Our premium optically-clear printable film. A PVC-free sustainable solution, with 3D conformable properties that breaks down application limits to get the most out of your creative projects. Bringing versatility with excellent printability across all main digital platforms, option to use as an overlaminate, and an extended durability make it the product of choice for long-lasting architectural and interior design applications

PVC Free

SF 100 Ultra Clear

A short-term solution ideal for applications such as printed window graphics or decorative decals that require a removable ultra-transparent film. Featuring an ultra-gloss finish that makes graphics on glass sparkle; across retail, office and trade show applications.

PVC Free

Digitally Printable FIlms 

SP 3523 Opaque Matte

PVC-free and solvent-free adhesive with grey permanent adhesive for overposting needs, optimized for short-term promotional graphics.

PVC Free

SP 8526 Wall Film Textile

Avery Dennison Sustainable Print 8526 Wall Film Textile Hi-Tack is a flexible textile film with a canvas finish specifically designed for wall covering and wall art graphics applications. The high-tack adhesive makes the film a good match for many different surfaces, including challenging low surface energy substrates.

SP 8526 Wall Film Textile Hi-Tack is an excellent choice for hospitals, sporting arenas, hotels and any contract wall covering.

PVC Free

Digital Overlaminate Films

SL 4530 Anti Graffiti

Avery Dennison SL 4530 Anti Graffiti is a high gloss overlaminating film that can be put on a wide range of (digitally) printed media.

PVC Free