Print Confidently with ICC Profiles

All printable films are created differently, and the way they work with ink is different as well. When running film through a printer, you have to consider ink loads, heat settings, the type of software you’re using and more. This is where ICC, or International Color Consortium, profiles are helpful, as they provide all the necessary specs for a successful print job.

There is no universal ICC profile. Each printable material has a few defining characteristics that set them apart. For example, white point differs from film to film. Some materials have a tint, which can be bluish, pinkish or even yellowish, while others are closer to true white. Because of the variety of films and printers on the market, there are over 15,000 profiles, and Avery Dennison keeps track of them on its Color Base platform.

All you have to do to find the appropriate profile is register for the Avery Dennison database at avery-ap.color-base.com. Then you can search for any ICC profile you need using the model number of your printer, the name of your RIP software and the type of media you’re using. RIP softwares, like Onyx, convert your design into a usable bitmap for the printer.

If a profile for a new printer is not available, the Avery Dennison team is happy to troubleshoot a solution. Printer manufacturers are also able to help with the proper settings.

Contact Avery Dennison for product and printer support. Find out more about digitally printable films at avydn.co/DigitalMediaGuide.

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