Floor Graphics Are an Easy Way to Gain Attention

Floor Graphics

Floor graphics are becoming an important component of point-of-purchase or POP advertising campaigns, especially in grocery stores, as yet another way to get the consumer’s attention. They’re also useful in trade shows, as a wayfinding tool in public places such as the metro or a public library or museum. 

No matter the application, there are several key factors to keep in mind when choosing Avery products for floor graphics.

  • Depending on the length of the advertising campaign, cast or calendered films with an overlaminate could be suitable for the project. Avery Dennison offers a range of cast and calendered films with permanent or removable adhesive and a variety of finishes and liner options that are ideal for floor graphic applications when paired with an overlaminate.

  • It’s important to match cast films with cast overlaminates and calendered films with calendered overlaminates – at Avery Dennison we have you covered with our line of DOL overlaminates that are UL certified for slip resistance and offer gloss, luster or matte finishes.

  • Also, keep in mind the removal of the floor graphic when you’re choosing which product to use for a job. Does the graphic need to look good for a couple months or a couple years? In a wayfinding or museum application, the graphic will probably need to stay in place longer than a POP campaign in a grocery store that’s centered on the Super Bowl or Easter.

Maintenance of the floor and the surface the graphic are being applied to are also important factors in choosing the right product.

When applying floor graphics, you should:

  • Clean the floor surface. It should be clean, smooth and dry before the graphic is installed.

  • Prevent foot or other traffic on the graphic for 8 hours after installation.

  • Place the graphic in a moderate traffic area.

  • Ensure the edges of the graphic are not along a tile edge, grout or floor joint.