No Naked Furniture!

furniture graphics

"Say NO to naked furniture" is now very firmly the motto of Gert van de Cappelle, and the website offers a variety of artistic designs and images for application to the Main and Kids' IKEA Collections, ready for purchase. You can also create and upload your own art or photos to customise and enliven your IKEA furniture. 

The challenge for Gert van de Cappelle was to find a self-adhesive material that would print well and be easy to apply. "We needed a material supplier with a great product, a global reach and a reliable, high-quality converter network," says Gert. "Consumers apply the graphics to the furniture themselves, so it has to be easy to do. We've found Avery Dennison Easy Apply RS adhesive technology to be the perfect solution in all respects, coupled with an inkjet-printable film."

Gert continues: "MyKea graphics are printed on Avery MPI materials with Easy Apply RS (repositionable and slideable) adhesive technology, so they can be slid across the surface of the furniture to the desired position, and then pressed down. And because the film is repositionable as well, if you make a mistake, the graphics can be moved and easily re-applied."

Expanding the offering 

"As a result of our excellent experience with Avery Dennison films, we're expanding our offering to include wall art," says van de Cappelle. "Customers can purchase graphic designs or upload their own. The art is inkjet-printed on durable MPI 2611 Wall Film – specially formulated for wall coverings -- and delivered ready to install."

What a great way to bring self-adhesive vinyl films into the home! Visit the website and see for yourself what can be achieved!