Beauty Emergency Service from Sephora

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KDF isn't new to the wrap business. The company was established in 1995 and has a highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment that serves a variety of clients in New Jersey and New York from its location in Rockleigh, New Jersey. 

The first step of the process when wrapping multiple vehicles, as with any job, is setting the clients' expectations. "We always walk the client through our process," says Radim Horak, graphics specialist at KDF. "We explain exactly what is going to happen to the car and the timeframe it's going to happen in. You can’t take anything for granted."

Sephora provided the design with its corporate branding to KDF but it had to be modified slightly because even though all six cars are MINI's, three were the same model and three were another model. "Whenever we are wrapping multiple cars with the same design, it is crucial that all the cars are available at once for us to examine prior to the design and layout process," explains Horak. "You have to verify that the cars are the same, often they can be different models which require adjustments to the design to ensure the wrap fits correctly on the vehicle and still has the same look across the board."

"When it comes to vehicle wraps, especially when you're dealing with multiples or fleets, it is crucial to have a very specific plan in place so that as soon as the client hands you their artwork or approves the design you've done for them you can pretty much just hit 'go' and get the project started," adds Horak. "Streamline everything. When there is lots of vinyl to be printed, it doesn’t hurt to have multiple printers running at once, if you have that luxury. Once one set of vinyl is printed you can get to work on your first vehicle while the rest are being printed."

KDF created a timeline for the job so that the client understood the timeframe for installing the wraps and returning them by deadline. With this job and many others, KDF minimizes downtime by wrapping one vehicle while the graphics for the remaining cars is printing. The graphics for the six cars was printed on Avery MPI 1005 Supercast Easy Apply with DOL 1360 gloss overlaminate with a Mutoh VJ2606 printer. 

"I've found that Avery Dennison products are the best to work with based on performance," says Horak. "I've used a competitor's product but have found that Avery Supercast films work better."

From the start of printing, two installers spent four days wrapping the MINI's. The fleet is now out and about in New York City saving women from beauty emergencies. You can read more about Sephora's "Same Day Beauty Delivery Service" here

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