Tap into New Transport Business in South Africa

south african transport wrap

Working with our customer, Brand-a-car, Avery Dennison materials have been chosen to wrap the vehicles used by a new South African company called TukMe Home. The tuk-tuk is a three-wheel motorcycle rickshaw that TukMe Home is using on its trial route, which runs from Hogshead in Douglasdale, Fourways, and services around 20 restaurants and hotels. The initiative behind the tuk-tuk business is to encourage and support the concept of “no drinking and driving”. 

Brand-a-car wrapped the first tuk-tuk in April, using 5 meters ofMPI 1005 Vinyl and DOL 1360 Laminate, and the wrapping of a second vehicle is planned for July. TukMe Home aims to have twenty or thirty tuk-tuks on the road in the next year and, ultimately, would like to expand the service throughout South Africa. 

As TukMe Home is extremely happy with the results so far, they have said they will definitely use Avery Dennison graphics materials for the rest of the fleet. The company will also be offering advertising space on the roof and doors and, later, inside the tuk-tuks, for which they will again contract the assistance of Brand-a-car to apply Avery Dennison graphics materials. 

Sean Marelich, Business Manager, Graphics, South Africa, said “With a 50% market share of this application, Avery Dennison South Africa will continue to grow its presence and build strong relationships with end-users and our Specialist Converter & Specialist Installer (SC&SI) network. The added value from our SC&SI network that we offer end users, converters and applicators set us apart from our competitors.”