Avery Dennison Goes Architecture with Versatile Solutions

Architecture Graphics

Strong, bright colours, stunning graphics or subtle hues, graphic films create distinct, long-lasting surfaces that add an extra dimension to commercial and domestic buildings. And the architectural films of Avery Graphics are the perfect solutions to execute the most inspired visions on the grandest scale. 

To help architects, design agencies, brand owners and converters realize new business opportunities in architectural graphic solutions, Avery Dennison offers a range of products for versatile, effective solutions. Naturally, the products are backed up with full support and resources that we provide to the exciting world of the architecture industry. 

Six key applications 

The product range for architectural solutions of Avery Dennison covers the six key applications of self-adhesive solutions in building design: 

  • Decoration renovate or restyle building interiors and exteriors

  • Branding – seamlessly integrate branding into permanent or temporary architectural features

  • Privacy enhance the privacy of office spaces or glass exteriors

  • Promotion effectively apply commercial messaging on any interior or exterior building surface

  • Way finding efficiently and effectively lead people to their destination

  • Protection prolong the life of any surface while reducing maintenance costs

If you’re looking for further inspiration in this rapidly-developing market, or want to find out more on how you can benefit from new project opportunities, read the latest case studies posted at our specialist www.AveryDennisonIdeas.com website.