Avery Dennison ICS Warranty Program Update

Avery Dennison ICS Warranty Program protects like no other in the industry

For over 75 years Avery Dennison has built a reputation based on innovation in design, engineering and manufacturing of high quality and high performance products.

Add to this Avery Dennison’s unique warranty system that includes the broadest range of qualified printers and inks of any warranty system in the industry, and you’ve got peace of mind!

The aim is that Avery’s films, combined with other qualified components form a certified system that is guaranteed to be compatible and provide superior performance. This means installers and converters will know exactly what to expect from their finished graphics, because the combination of materials, specifications and equipment have met stringent durability and physical tests.

Under the ICS Warranty system Avery Dennison high performance films are backed with a warranty that you can trust. “This warranty system is our written assurance that our products perform exactly how they should from production, through application and for the life of the graphic,” explains Dave Newman, Technical Services & Quality Manager, Graphics and Reflective Solutions.

The ICS Performance Guarantee is available to all customers working according to the recommended converting and installation procedures found in Avery Dennison Technical Bulletins and training material. “You choose the application, production method, qualified printer, ink and application tape, coupled with our films and we will provide the warranty,” ensures David.

The ICS Platinum Warranty is a customised warranty for those comprehensive projects. For ultimate peace of mind, the ICS Platinum Warranty is specially prepared and combines a strong network of specialist certified graphics manufacturers and installers to provide the highest levels of quality and performance.

Avery Dennison is constantly expanding the ICS Warranty Program through the qualification of new printers and inks. To make sure you are up to date with the latest information, and gain access to the durability bulletins, visit the ICS webpage.