Wrapping Application Tools

Avery Dennison offers a complete list of accessories and vinyl installation tools to help you achieve a professional end result no matter what your application. Vinyl application tool accessories may be purchased individually.


A squeegee is a critical tool for application of all self adhesive products. Avery Dennison offers a full range of squeegees for every application.

Squeegee Flextreme
The FleXtreme is a micro-squeegee specifically designed for vinyl graphics applications. The blue (harder) FleXtreme is designed to apply film at narrow curves and edges, to ensure seamless application. The red (softer) FleXtreme is an excellent tool for film application on narrow, concave parts of a car. This set contains 1red and 1 blue FleXtreme.
XE6536 - 25 sets / box


Squeegee Pro
The Squeegee Pro is a medium flex squeegee with one felt side. It is a highly effective tool for flat or slightly curved surfaces. A great choice for vehicle wraps and day-to-day applications like flat wall panels.
MZA1040 - Box of 12 - Squeegee size: 100 x 75 mm

Squeegee Pro Flexible
The Squeegee Pro Flexible is a softer and more flexible version of the Squeegee Pro with one felt side; an excellent choice for curved applications such as wheel arches and car bonnets / bumpers.
XE1032 - Box of 12 - Squeegee size: 100 x 75 mm

Squeegee Pro Rigid
The Squeegee Pro Rigid is the most rigid squeegee in Avery Dennison’s collection, specially designed for flat application of thick and rigid high-performance products. The non-felt side, easily slides over the surface of the film.
AP8270001 - Box of 12 - Squeegee size: 100 x 75 mm

Squeegee Pro XL
The Squeegee Pro XL is a bigger version of the Squeegee Pro. Larger and more rigid, it is great for faster and higher quality application onto large and flat surfaces such as truck sides, buildings and buses
XD9259 - Box of 6 - Squeegee size: 130 x 80 mm

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No matter which stage of application you are in - prior, during or after - With Avery Dennnison liquids you always have the right solution.

Surface Cleaner
UN 1993 LQ Class ll

The Surface Cleaner is a high-performance cleaner that enables you to remove all kinds of residue using one single product, including dirt, wax, tectyl, light silicone, cock-pit sprays, and more. A highly user-friendly cleaner, especially designed for the degreasing phase prior to application.
MZA1206 - 1 Litre

Adhesive Remover
UN 1993 LQ Class lll

The Adhesive Remover is a high performance cleaner designed to remove adhesive left on the substrate after removal of graphics. It is supplied in a pistol-grip spray can for easy and accurate targeting of adhesive residue.
MXD8392 - 500 mL

Supreme Wrap™ Care

SWC Cleaner
The Supreme Wrap Care Cleaner is a general cleaning product to be used on wrapped surfaces. The Cleaner eliminates dust, light dirt, fingerprints and other marks.
BC2480001 - 946 ml

Supreme Wrap™ Care

SWC Power Cleaner
The Supreme Wrap Care Power Cleaner provides extra power to deal with difficult localized stains such as bird droppings, road grime, tree sap and much more on wrapped surfaces. After use of the Power Cleaner we advise to re apply the Supreme Wrap Care Sealant to the same spot.
BC2510001 - 946 ml

SWC Sealant
Supreme Wrap Care Sealant provides a protective layer on wrapped surfaces. This makes it easier to clean off everyday challenges like dirt, bird droppings and tree sap, protecting the film and keeping it in good condidtion.
BC2570001 - 946 ml

Supreme Wrap™ Care

SWC Sample Kit
The Supreme Wrap Care sample kit contains smaller bottles of existing SWC Sealant, Cleaner and Power Cleaner products as well as a microfibre towel and a information card about the Supreme Wrap Care series. The kit can be used for sampling and/or testing purposes.
BI9470001 - 1 set / box

Edge Sealer
Avery Dennison Edge Sealer is a colorless durable product, recommended to seal off the edges of a wrap in demanding enviroment like marine (above the waterline) or area with a high risk of chemical contamination. Edge-sealed wraps resist water and chemical penetration.
BP2530001 - 6 x 0.5 L

Product Overview

Edge Sealer

Avery Dennison Application Gel
Avery Dennison Application Gel is a transparent gel designed to support the application of paint protection film including Supreme™ PPF. The gel facilitates the ease of application keeping the substrate well moisturized providing the right tack and positioning of the film during installation.  The Avery Dennison Application Gel residues can be easily cleaned after application, even when fully dried. The Avery Dennison Application Gel is available in a 1L bottle and in a 5L refill canister, the gel can be used with the Avery Dennison Spray Bottle 1.2 L as well.
BP6340001 - 6 x 1 L / Box
BP6330001 - 4 x 5 L / Box

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Knives, cutters & spare blades

Your skills combined with our high quality cutting tools help you to cut quickly and precisely during your application.

The Snitty is a mini-slitting tool, used for cutting self adhesive material. With the blade not exposed, cutting material from a roll is easy and safe done. The Snitty comes with a one blade refill.
MXD6008 - 10 pieces

The Cutter has a strong, durable metal casing that holds a 30°-angled blade securely, for accurate cutting. It offers robust durability and better control, with a casing that does not flex.
XD9275 - 1 piece

Spare Blades Box
The Spare Blades Box combines the functions of a dispenser and a disposable container. Supplied complete with 15 spare blades (30° blade angle). The snap-off blade tips are very sharp, and can be safely stored in the tool’s special Spare Blade Box.
CA9090001 - 45 pieces / box

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Other Accessories

From gloves to full application kits, we provide all the accessories that professional applicators need to get the job done.

Application Gloves
The Application Glove is a soft, seamless glove that helps smooth graphics over the application surface and into curves and recesses. The glove has one size and is packed individually.

MZA1164 - each

Application GlovePro
A high-quality glove engineered for breath-ability, heat resistance, and to maintain the sensitivity needed for delicate executions. Best of all, they’re touch-screen friendly so you can still access your devices conveniently.

MZA1170 - 1 pair

The Magnets are a highly practical aid for holding and positioning graphics on a substrate. The strength of magnetic attraction is sufficient to replace masking tape.
MXD5984 - Set of 2

The Toolbelt is a specially-designed waist belt that allows you to keep all of your tools with you at all times. A metal plate is included on the front to hold magnets. One size fits all.
XE4846 - 1 unit

Application Set
The Application Set contains several useful tools, and is a great choice as a starter set, for promotional purposes, customer relationship gifts and sales incentives. Contents: Toolbelt, Magnets, Snitty, Application Knife, Squeegee Pro and Application Glove.
XD9267 - 1 set / box