How to Improve Your Brand Image Efficiently

Outdoor Graphics

The Little Sheep Hotpot brand owners realized that, in today’s competitive market, the company needed to manage their brand identity much better. They decided to renovate the restaurants' outdoor signage and began looking for an easy and practical way to resolve the problem. 
Avery Dennison recommended top quality Avery 5500 QM translucent film combined with AvFlex 2 flexible substrate. This high durability color film can last more than 5 years without color loss or film shrinkage. The 5-year ICS warranty gave Little Sheep Hotpot every confidence in using Avery Dennison materials and they were delighted with the resulting improvement in their brand image. 

During the trial phase, the Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions (GRS) China team demonstrated the flexibility of their value-added services by working closely with the end user’s nominated converters. They provided samples and stayed in constant contact with the converters, thus ensuring that the project was implemented smoothly and successfully.

At present there are 370 Little Sheep Hotpot chain restaurants throughout China, which will be renovated at the rate of 70 sites per year. Avery Dennison has proven time and time again that it has the experience and expertise to handle such large and complex projects. 

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