Create Unique "Underwater World"

Wall Graphics

KinderNest, a school in Matunga, Mumbai, which is dedicated to early childhood education, contracted architectural firm, Thakkar & Associates, to create a room where everything focused on the theme “Underwater World”. The architects then commissioned iPrint, a customer of Avery Dennison Graphics & Reflective Services (GRS) in India, to manage the interior decoration project. 

iPrint’s design called for the conversion of the whole room using vectors, wrapping each and every corner and wall with materials that featured a range of underwater plants, animals and artifacts. As usual, they approached Avery Dennison GRS for suggestions about suitable products.

For the walls, Avery Dennison GRS India recommended Avery MPI 2611 with DOL2100 lamination, which was suitable for UV printing technology. As the theme was required to be continuous, it was even applied on roller blinds that were put up on the site. Doors with difficult niches were wrapped using a special Avery Vinyl, MPI 1004 EZ RS, while for the floor, Avery floor graphics vinyl with anti-skid lamination was selected as the ideal material for a game that the children could play on. 

At Avery Dennison GRS we make every effort to inspire our customers and end users by opening their eyes to all the possibilities our products offer. We are dedicated to providing creative solutions to enhance architectural graphics applications with new materials and technologies.