Avery Dennison Expands the MPI 3900 Plus series in the ASEAN Region

Additional Adhesive and Overlaminate Films for Your Short-term Promotional Graphics with More Flexibility

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, October 12, 2021 - Avery Dennison Graphics Solution has announced the upgrade of its already excellent customer-centric product line-ups in the monomeric digital print portfolio. The MPI 3900 Plus, which was first launched in Q3 of 2020, has seen additional variants, especially for indoor and outdoor usage, as it has been dubbed as the most impressive film for short-term promotional graphics.

The company’s customer-focused range of digital print films, the MPI 3900 Plus, has completed yet another round of research and development to its composition and manufacturing. After meticulous testing and evaluation for the ASEAN region’s indoor and outdoor conditions, Avery Dennison is announcing the enhancement of quality as well as an increase in options to the new adhesives and overlaminates.

The latest addition to the line-up includes the grey and removable adhesives and the newly-augmented overlaminates to commemorate the upgrade. Each marketing and promotional campaign is unique; whether it is to be used in any condition or duration, its durability and adaptability are always the core in merit. It is to ensure that the consumers get the best value in the amount that they invested. Avery Dennison wants to safeguard whatever concept is thought in the editor’s room to materialize as expected in reality.

Flexibility is the primary thought process during the research and development process in adding compatible overlaminates for the MPI 3900 Plus. The most important part of choosing overlaminates is to protect the printed graphics. However, that is not the only factor that can be considered. In Avery Dennison, overlaminates can also be an added value to aesthetics. In terms of protection, an overlaminate can extend the life of the graphic by shielding it from environmental factors such as abrasion, sunlight, moisture, and chemicals. In terms of appearance, an overlaminate can add a gloss or matte visual finish to the final product to provide added appeal.

“Today’s announcement of expansion to the MPI 3900 Plus has proven our commitment to observe the market trends and demands,” said Vimalan Balakrishnan, Product Lead for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in ASEAN. “Our company is consistently driving the technological advancement in material science, and this expansion move believes to be establishing a whole new league of standards in implementation and sustenance in the industry.” Echoing the company’s commitment to the quality standards and offering peace of mind to the consumers, Siew Bee Soo, Technical Marketing Lead for Avery Dennison in ASEAN, said, “Avery Dennison is committed to preserving the quality of our products. We guarantee that consistency and reliability in each film we produce will remain the highest quality and standards in the industry.”

Avery Dennison MPI 3900 Plus series and other short-term digital printed films can be viewed online at graphicsap.averydennison.com.

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