Get yourself an upgrade! New Avery 2012 workshops will improve skills and inspire your creativity

Workshop participants learn skills that boosted their confidence and improved productivity

The first sessions of the new Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions ANZ Workshops have confirmed that hands on practical experience combined with specialist Avery product and installation staff, will save you time, boost your professional confidence and help grow your business.

The workshops debuted in Melbourne and aim to advance attendees skills in the practical application techniques of various Avery Dennison products, while at the same time, taking participants confidence to a new level.

"These workshops are an important tool for Avery, and the industry, as they give attendees an excellent overview of the capabilities of our materials and lets them sharpen their skills, while developing new ones,” explained Peter Wright, Technical Marketing Representative, Avery Dennison Graphics and Reflective Solutions.

“By getting the attendees to complete the Avery Academy training modules prior to the workshop, we eliminated the need for a comprehensive theory session, and spent more time on the practical side of things and answered specific questions in relation to real-world applications,” said Peter.

Essential Applications Techniques workshop

The workshops attract participants of varying levels of experience. The sixteen attendees at the Essential Applications Techniques workshop were made up of some who had previously completed the Avery Academy theory modules prior to the day, and some that had not. Those who had completed the Avery Academy modules used the workshop to improve their practical skills. Those who had not could see how the theory and practical complement each other. The group first watched demonstrations and then practised their newly acquired skills with the following types of applications: wet application onto windows using Avery Frosted window film, and interior wall application, using MPI 2611 Wall Film consisting a multi tiled wall graphic 4m x 2.4m 

After lunch attendees practiced a specific squeegee technique important in reducing wrinkles and bubbles that can occur when using non-easy apply films.  They were also shown specialised car wrapping techniques and participated in a partial vehicle wrap involving Avery Supreme Wrapping Film onto the back quarter of a vehicle. “This type of application is quite challenging as it involves wrapping around door handles and areas of the vehicle that are quite complex due to their three dimensional characteristics”, explains Peter Wright.

Advanced Vehicle Application workshop

Twenty attendees, who had knowledge and experience of a higher level, were able to learn and practice a series of vehicle related application techniques that can be challenging to do, but are common in the workplace.

Specialist Avery product and installation staff demonstrated and assisted attendees to complete cleaning techniques and adhesive removal, application into deep recesses (commonly found on commercial vans) and advanced car wrapping techniques (paint replacement).

The final practical application of the day was to attempt a complete paint replacement on one of 3 vehicles, utilising the new Avery Supreme Wrapping Film. The attendees spent the rest of the day under tuition from Avery trainers completing the paint replacement, and wrapping of an entire vehicle.

“The experience and confidence you gain from being shown and then assisted to do something yourself is the difference between a competent and professional installer”, says Peter Wright.

One attendee who completed the Advanced Vehicle Wrapping Workshop said, after he had returned to his workshop, “Just finished my third bus wrap for a customer and what I picked up from the course was invaluable, saved heaps of time and I did it without an assistance, thank you very much Avery”, Paul, Bear Rock Signs, South Australia.

Our website has further information about the workshops or if you are interested in participating in future workshops, there are some planned for Queensland and New Zealand.

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