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Avery Dennison Launches Its Largest Collection Of Automotive Window Films In Southeast Asia

Cool Comfort, UV Protection, and Glare Protection for Drivers and Passengers Under the Scorching Sun

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 July 2022 – Global materials science company Avery Dennison today launched its largest collection of automotive window films across Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam to enable vehicle and fleet owners to stay safe and cool amid extreme heat conditions. 

“The scorching sun can adversely impact the comfort and safety of vehicle owners, drivers, and passengers. Among the concerns they face is excessive heat inside the vehicle, road glare and sun dazzle from strong sunlight, as well as sunburn through the car windows,” said Vimalan Balakrishnan, Product Lead for Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions in ASEAN.

“Engaging closely with various customer segments across Southeast Asia, the Avery Dennison team has developed four series of automotive window films to give vehicles a custom appearance while improving comfort for passengers, protecting vehicle interiors, and blocking harmful UV rays and harsh glare.”

The new collection comprises four series of automotive window films to cater to different needs. At the top of the range is the Supreme Ceramic IR Series automotive window film, delivering exceptional performance with Supreme Nano-X IR technology for long-lasting color stability and outstanding heat rejection of up to 95% infrared energy rejection (IRER). Additionally, its high optical clarity and Phantom Black color tone upgrade vehicle aesthetics for a stunning look and comfortable ride. 

The Supreme Ceramic Series automotive window film is also a premium color-stable, non-reflective film range made with Supreme Nano-X technology. For great vehicle aesthetics, this series is available in four different light transmission levels ranging from Phantom Black, its darkest black-colored tint, to Spring Azure, a cool, blue-colored tint. The Supreme Ceramic range offers vehicle owners impressive solar protection and color durability in this metal-free film that installs easily and efficiently.

The Advanced Cool Series automotive window film is a high-performance metal-dye hybrid film available in light transmission levels. This film protects against heat, glare, and harmful UV radiation while offering vehicle owners the cool appeal of a sleek Phantom Black color. The film is optimized with metalized polyester and color-stable dye to ensure low exterior reflectiveness.

Finally, for vehicle owners who require only a high-quality shield against sunlight, Avery Dennison offers two grades of film, each with its own distinct advantages. One is the Supreme Shield IR, an optically clear film with Supreme Nano-X IR technology that rejects the infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion, noticeable darkening, and reflectivity of the vehicle window. The other is the Advanced Cool Shield, a high-performance, safety, and solar control hybrid film in an outstanding Phantom Black color. Both these shields do double duty with safety laminate that keeps the shattered glass in place. 

“All these new automotive window films have been road tested in hot weather conditions,” said Siew Bee Soo, Technical Marketing Lead for Avery Dennison in ASEAN. “We have also conducted installation tests to ensure that all the films are made with a scratch-resistance hard coat and high clarity adhesive for efficient installation with no smears or smudging and for ease of maintenance.”

The entire collection of Avery Dennison automotive window films is available through authorized Avery Dennison Graphic Solutions distributors in Southeast Asia. We invite automotive businesses and installers to be an Avery Dennison [Insider] to receive priority news and alerts from the company directly at   

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