Floor Graphics and Decals

Exterior floor graphics

Marketers are always looking at new ways to grab the consumers attention, even in unique places. Because of this, floor graphics are increasing in popularity, resulting in more and more people looking down. Designers are now incorporating floor graphics in a number of places such as sporting events, promotional gatherings and POP locations. Some are even utilising 3D floor graphics to command maximum attention.

When deciding on the specific type of product to use, it is important to consider the following:

  • Will the graphic be going indoors or outdoors?
  • Will the graphic be directly exposed to foot traffic of vehicle traffic?
  • What kind of substrate will the graphic adhere to?
  • Is the substrate smooth or textured?
  • Is there a time frame the graphic is expected to last for?

Featured Products

MPI™ 6021 Direct Printable Floor Marking

Achieve Standout Floor Graphics with Avery Dennison MPI™ 6021 Direct Printable Floor Marking to communicate vital social distancing and wayfinding messages to your customers at every important juncture. Its directly printable, anti-slip surface, without a need for an overlaminate makes its application quick and cost effective. 


DOL 5800 Overlaminate

For use with print films that require overlamination for floor graphic applications. Designed to protect indoor floor media for up to 6 months, ensuring robust full colour graphics, with great slip & wear resistance.


Avery Dennison Floor graphics series

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Avery Dennison Floor graphics series

IB 1.11 - Converting and Applying Floor Graphics

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IB 1.11 - Converting and Applying Floor Graphics