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Floor Graphics and Decals

Exterior floor graphics

Marketers are always looking at new ways to grab the consumers attention, even in unique places. Because of this, floor graphics are increasing in popularity, resulting in more and more people looking down. Designers are now incorporating floor graphics in a number of places such as sporting events, promotional gatherings and POP locations. Some are even utilising 3D floor graphics to command maximum attention.

When deciding on the specific type of product to use, it is important to consider the following:

  • Will the graphic be going indoors or outdoors?
  • Will the graphic be directly exposed to foot traffic of vehicle traffic?
  • What kind of substrate will the graphic adhere to?
  • Is the substrate smooth or textured?
  • Is there a time frame the graphic is expected to last for?

Tips for a successful floor graphic

Smooth flat substrates (for indoor floors) are generally the easiest to install and choose a film for application. Examples of smooth substrates include linoleum floors, sanded/painted marble or concrete and finished wood floors.

A 3-4 mil thick calendered film is generally most ideal, either with a permanent or removable adhesive.

Avery Dennison Easy Apply™ is super fast and easy to install and allows simple removal of air bubbles. 

A UL classified slip resistant overlaminate is recommended to protect your graphics. 

Rough or textured substrates (for indoor floors) can be trickier to install. These included painted concrete or ceramic tile floors. For these we generally recommend a cast vinyl so it can conform to the peaks and valleys of the texture. 

For short term graphics (ideal for conference centres, events and trade shows) we recommend a permanent adhesive calendered film, as there's no point using a high performance cast vinyl for these applications. 


These products are also known as floor decals, floor stickers, floor banners, floor advertising, carpet graphics, floor clings, and printed floor graphics.

Exterior floor graphics