New Interior Design Trend in Korea

room wall graphics

Koreans are increasingly seeking to personalize their home décor with graphics to achieve a unique look. This new design trend is brightening up homes and reflecting people's personal style in relaxing living areas, fun children's rooms, and modern bathrooms, for example. However, finding a way to decorate various rooms quickly, easily and cost effectively has been an ongoing challenge. Until now, that is.

Farsighted printing company Hyundae Sheet recognized the business opportunity inherent in this new trend and turned to Avery Dennison, the world leader in pressure-sensitive materials, for help. Hyundae Sheet wanted to develop a series of new wallpaper that would support high-quality graphics, be environmentally friendly, and provide a professional finish through at-home installation by the householder themselves.

To meet Hyundae Sheet's demanding functional and technical requirements, the Avery Graphics team developed a brand new material based on its popular screen printing product FC 400. The new product has thicker face film to support easier installation and uses a modified additive to improve its environmental credentials. It also boasts higher temperature resistance (up to 140 degrees) to accommodate the special printing process by which the wallpaper's unique graphics are created.

Hyundae Sheet is very pleased with the new material. With outstanding printability, stability and durability, the film has allowed it to create high-grade wallpaper with the elaborate designs and professional finish that fully meet customer expectations.

Following an enthusiastic response to its initial 20,000 sheets order for discount stores throughout Korea, Hyundae Sheet is now extending their business to overseas markets with confidence.