Striking Roof Design with Avery 900 Supercast Films

Wrapped Roof Graphics

Martina Gralki, Managing Director of conversion specialists Gralki Werbung in Witten, Germany says Avery's unique color match service gave them the confidence to complete this impressive wrapping project. 

"The customer believed that this project was only possible with Avery materials," says Gralki. "The short completion time, the ability to select non-standard colors and have them available within a very short timeframe, as well as the durability of the 900 SC films provided convincing proof of the benefits of using vinyl compared to using paint", she says.

The entire project – from concept, design, delivery of standard and matched colors to installation – was completed in 20 weeks. The Avery Dennison Color Match Service meant single rolls of custom colors could be produced within just three weeks, while the application was completed in eight days using four specialist contractors. 

Film is faster than paint 

Gralki says they were attracted to Avery 900 Supercast film, as it can be used to achieve an attractive, durable stripped finish quickly. Achieving a similar paint effect would have required multiple coats applied over a number of days. With Avery 900 Supercast, a superb finish was achieved rapidly with a single layer of film. In total, 13 standard and matched Supercast colors were used, with the added benefit of a 10-year performance guarantee. 

The eye-catching roof is gaining widespread popularity with consumers, and owner Trends-Ostermann is currently considering similar roof-wrapping projects for their other stores. 

Click here to download the Avery 900 SC datasheet.