ICS Performance Guarantee Expands

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The ICS Performance Guarantee is a widely recognised and used global "open" warranty system.

It gives peace of mind to converters, installers and end-users by certifying the performance of Avery Graphics films with qualified components.

It does this by creating an integrated package that ensures that products perform exactly as they should. 

New printers added to ICS guarantee scheme 

The new approved Integrated Component System packages were recently expanded with: 

  • HP Scitex LX600 and LX800 printers in combination with HP LX600 series latex inks
  • HP Scitex TJ-8600 with UV TJ210 inks for flat and two-dimensional applications, as well as fleet marking.

See the full list of approved printers. 

Peace of mind thanks to extensive testing

The continued expansion of the ICS Performance Guarantee System is the result of ongoing testing between Avery and the industry’s leading printer, ink and clear coat manufacturers. 

The approved combinations of components have already withstood rigorous scientific testing and met stringent durability and physical performance specifications. 

The Avery ICS Performance Guarantee is offered at two robust levels - the ICS Performance Guarantee, and ICS Platinum Warranty for larger and more complex projects.