Bringing Creativity Into The Office Environment

While their new building in Hertfordshire was expertly furnished with high-quality storage walls, it didn't capture the spirit of the company. That's before St James Place challenged Pyramid Visuals to create a "new look" to enliven their office environment.

Using Avery® MPI 2000 self-adhesive vinyl, Pyramid Visuals printed selected photographs supplied by St James Place to create full-colour, digitally-printed panels. In order to protect the film, the company used Avery® DOL 2000, a long-life, high-gloss self-adhesive overlaminating film specially developed to protect digital inkjet print. 

With the self-adhesive film ready, the Pyramid Visual's installation team went in and removed all the storage unit doors and took off all their locks, handles and hinges. The self-adhesive vinyl graphics were carefully aligned and applied to the door panels, after which the locks, hinges and handles were refitted and the completed doors re-hung – now transformed into a glorious path through a bluebell wood.

Pyramid Visuals sales manager Justin Murray says, "we love the challenge of assignments like this. They enable us to demonstrate both our technical knowledge and our creativity. St James Place was delighted with the results, which really added personality to their new office environment."