Size Matters In Stunning Installation

vinyl art

To make an impact, Becker used Avery 500 Event and 800 Premium films to create a room-size 34m by 4m installation. 

Becker's artwork takes ideas from selected gestural movements to create a multi-layered and multi-perspective mesh. Using cut Avery Dennison PVC films, Becker applied his work to the wall like a puzzle as he examined the issues related to abstract painting.

Becker says the self-adhesive films were both a strength and a challenge when creating the installation. 

"A limitation is colours. Even though there is a huge colour range, you can't mix the colours to create half tones," says Becker. 

"This is a challenge, but also somehow a positive limitation where the entire composition needs to be re-invented. In addition, working with self-adhesive films is more economical. Large areas are quickly covered, even when taking time in applying to contours. Painting these complex contours would normally be much more time consuming," he says.

Becker has created five, room-sized installations in self-adhesive films, with his latest, Size Matters, showing at the Basis gallery in Frankfurt. Using 9,246 individual pieces of cut film in 26 colours, the project took three people five weeks to complete. Becker first became aware of self-adhesive films when he helped a signwriter in 2002. He immediately saw the similarities to his activity as a painting artist. For his self-adhesive film installations, Becker chooses to work with Avery films because "it's the easiest film to work with and has a large range of available colours."

To see Becker's work, visit the Basis Gallery in Frankfurt an Main.