Avery Dennison's New Supreme Wrapping Film!

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Whether you want to update the appearance of a premium sports car, or match your entire delivery fleet to your company colours, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is the ideal choice.

The dual layer film combines both colour and clear protective layers, providing a paint-like finish that is both durable and dazzling, whilst its enhanced film technology ensures excellent conformability allowing it to be installed quickly and providing confidence the film will stay down over curves and recesses. It’s so conformable; it’s like a second skin!

The new 1.52m width allow you to apply large decal panels for bonnets, roofs and side panels in one piece, for faster application and seam-free paint like finish results.

And now there’s an even more choice of colours and finishes: 33 in all!

We’ve added 13 new up-to-the-minute options, including metallics, pearlescent white, and a selection of matt colours. And remember with our custom colour matching service, whatever the colour, we can match it.

Supreme Wrapping Film incorporates our patented Avery Easy Apply RS adhesive technology - air egress channels that help eliminate bubbles and wrinkles making application effortless.

Supreme Wrapping Film offers excellent repositionability and slideability, plus, Long Term Removability making Supreme Wrapping Film your cost effective solution for branding your entire fleet.  

Supreme Wrapping Film’s unique dual layer construction provides superior UV and weathering performance - ideal for demanding surfaces like vehicle roofs and bonnets. 

Durability on black and white colours on a vertical application is extensive with up to 10 years and 9 years on colours, and an industry leading metallics durability of up to 4 years.

And as an industry first, Avery Dennison are also warranting Supreme Wrapping Film on non-vertical surfaces, providing you with a full vehicle wrap warranty.

Supreme Wrapping Film changes the way you think about paint!

Just click on the link to watch a short video demo of howAvery Supreme Wrapping Film can be applied like a smooth second skin.

Avery Supreme Wrapping Film Demo