Avery Dennison COVID-19 Business and Customer Update

COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued Customers,

I am sure we have all been following the situation with the Covid 19 epidemic across the world. While you may have received few letters from Avery Dennison regarding our operational efforts to ensure supply chain continuity for our customers, I would like to share important information on behalf of our team. 

As the developments around COVID-19 continue to accelerate, we have been taking increasingly impactful measures to ensure, first and foremost, the protection of the health and welfare of our employees while also meeting your needs, our customers around the region. 

Measures to protect Avery Dennison employees

We have taken assertive measures to minimize the risk to our employees including implementing guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and local governments at our facilities around the region.

We want to ensure that employees of Avery Dennison and their families are safe and healthy and are taking all possible precautions. This includes:

  • Complete suspension of travels, customers and supplier physical visits has been undertaken to keep our employees and customers safe.
  • Work from home for most office employees, if their job allows for it. That being said, our customer service and sales are fully equipped to serve you with just one call / email away.
  • For employees who are reporting work at site, strict health precautionary measures, social distancing measures are in place. 
Measures to support Avery Dennison customers

Many governments across the region have mandated temporary closure of businesses and restricted movement of goods except for essential categories. I want to highlight that we are cooperating with the local authorities in this fight against the spread of COVID-19 together. Where possible, we are leveraging our size, scale and global reach to ensure that our products are available to serve the community and help ensure business continuity.

  • We know many businesses are struggling and we deeply sympathize with all those affected. We have developed a business continuity plan checklist which we are providing access to all for free. We hope this resource will help you in maneuvering the sea of change. We are ready to support you and share our learnings if you find it useful in shaping your own strategy. 
  • Also in the pipeline, the marketing team is evaluating digital tools which can facilitate virtual training and lead generation to respond to new ways of learning and doing business.

We know many of you are counting on us. I am confident of the preparedness plans that are in place across Avery Dennison. We are strongly committed to do what we do best: focus on supporting each other, our communities, and serving our customers.

The COVID-19 situation is fast-moving and we will continue to share regular updates with you.Thank you again for your support and trust during this challenging period. 


Keep safe and stay healthy. 


Sailesh Kapur

Business Director, Graphics Solutions, South Asia Pacific and Sub-Saharan Africa


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