Even Under Lockdown, Avery Dennison Employees in India Extend a (Sanitized) Hand | Avery Dennison | Graphics

Even Under Lockdown, Avery Dennison Employees in India Extend a (Sanitized) Hand

Never underestimate your ability to make someone else’s life better–even if you never know it. — Olympic gold medalist, Greg Louganis

On March 24, in an effort to curb the outbreak of COVID-19, the government of India ordered a stay-at-home order for the entire nation of 1.3 billion people, imposing the largest lockdown of the pandemic and leaving millions without access to food or protective equipment. The country’s large population of migrant laborers was especially hard-hit. 

In response, Avery Dennison employees throughout the country organized outreach to municipalities, gram panchayat (village governing councils), police, healthcare workers, and others to provide relief for vulnerable people most affected by the lockdown.

Distributing personal protective equipment to government workers

Our teams in Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore, and Kolkata worked with local authorities to distribute masks, hand sanitizers, liquid soap, and gloves to help keep government workers safe.

Delivering soap, sanitization, and masks to villages

Teams from our factory at Ranjangaon, Pune, worked with the gram panchayat of the nearby village of Karegaon to disinfect surfaces and hand out masks. Teams based in Narsinghpur, Gurgaon, distributed liquid hand soap in the nearby village of Basai and at a local hospital.

Supplying food for migrant laborers and others

In Narsinghpur, Karegaon, and Ranjangaon, our teams distributed dry groceries and prepared meals to migrant workers and others facing difficulty in getting enough to eat.

In all, our teams’ efforts have touched more than 10,000 lives so far. We continue to look for opportunities to help, and we stand with our nation during these challenging times.