The role of graphics during emergency times

As a world leader in graphics, we understand the critical role we play to promote and inform during these uncertain times. At important touchpoints, we offer materials to our customers, in order to reassure and reduce harm.

Get your walls and floors speaking with graphics

We are seeing crowds congregating at essential businesses like markets, supermarkets, transportation, healthcare facilities. How do we communicate to the public to ensure they are practising social distancing or finding their directions during this unprecedented time? 

Let us look at some of the key points that you need to plan before you get emergency graphics installed at your locations:

  1. Educate, educate, educate: You can look to us to help spread awareness about ever-changing but critical messages. Through high-visibility communications, we ensure essential businesses such as pharmacies, grocery stores, healthcare facilities, gas stations, transportation companies and more use signage for informational and directional applications.
  2. Define the objective: Your objective can be to put constant precautionary reminders to customers (e.g. practise good hygiene at restaurants) or simply to encourage visitors to maintain spatial considerations at an important point like the payment counters. Defining it at the beginning will help you plan for the below.
  3. Identify the strategic locations for application: Once the objective has been finalized, it is always a good idea to scope out the locations. Floor graphics are definitely an attention grabbing way to communicate to people who are queuing for their turns. Wayfinding signages at entrances / exits are good for directing traffic to avoid bottlenecks. At critical areas such as cluster zones undergoing disinfection, dedicated Covid-19 healthcare screening locations, messages such as “STOP”, and “DO NOT ENTER” must be visible day or night to convey restrictions.

Below are 4 types of emergency graphics products recommended by Avery Dennison:

1.Floor graphics

Supermarkets and facilities have zones and areas that need safety floor markers to give people proper direction and remind them of hazards in the area. Managing foot traffic is always easier if you have floor graphics to guide the way. DOL 6000 overlaminate in combination with MPI 3000 from Avery Dennison is an ideal solution for excellent wear and tear resistance, especially in heavy foot traffic areas.

Social Distancing floor signage at a supermarket

2. Signage films

Be it a warning or a directional sign, signages are ideal for keeping visitors informed and safe and with thoughtful placement, they can even save lives in emergencies. The right material can help to ensure proper visibility as well as quick and easy installation. Glow in the dark films from Avery Dennison are printable and very useful if you want to ensure visibility at dusk or night. With the setting up of multiple testing and healthcare booths and temporary infrastructure, short term signage material like 500 EF can be easily plotter or stencil cut to give the right solution.

Wayfinding signage at a hospital

3. Easy to apply Wall and Glass films

While the public health authorities around the world are taking actions to contain the COVID-19 outbreak, it is equally important for all communities to spread the right messages and reiterate the best practices to ensure long term success. Posters detailing the effective methods of prevention and minimizing the spread are needed to be put in all high visibility areas. Our digitally printable films specially the MPI 3000 series are perfect for such applications which require a quick, easy and reliable installation on different types of substrates.

Temporary sign for visitor screening

4. Reflective films for emergency vehicles

Reflective films for emergency vehicles: Designed to give excellent visibility during both day and night, reflective films allow easy eye catching identification of emergency support vehicles such as ambulances, police cars, etc. Avery Dennison’s V4000 is a highly flexible and screen printable film which can help create customized,  high quality,  long term vehicle marking as well as security signages.

Reflective film on a police vehicle

By using these tips and techniques, and the right functional films for your application, let’s play our part in containing the pandemic with effective graphics communication! 

If you or your customers have access to any public facing digital signage display, we welcome you to download our free printable digital signage templates. Together we can help slow down the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Contact an Avery Dennison team member to schedule a quick conversation to discuss any graphics installation questions or product information you may need.

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