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Go Green with Reflective Window Film

R SkyLite 20 XTRM Reflective window film installed on a shopping centre skylight

Did you know that nearly 90% of a building’s heat enters through the windows? This massive heat gain can be a big problem to both homeowners and business owners, both of whom can have large expanses of windows in their buildings.

The problem is that whilst these large windows might look awesome and provide a positive link with the environment, they are also very inefficient. With spiralling energy costs and an emphasis on sustainability, it makes sense to investigate methods to reduce these costs in a way that is environmentally friendly.

What is reflective window film?

This is a film that is applied professionally to the exterior of a building’s windows and is ideal for ‘hot’ buildings, such as residential homes and office blocks. These window films are specifically designed to increase a building’s energy efficiency and enhance the building’s sustainability. In fact, reflective films significantly reduce the amount of glare that enters via the windows, as well as blocking 99% of the UV radiation. This effectively reduces heat gain inside buildings and the fading effects of UV rays on carpets and furnishings.

Benefits of solar window films for shopping malls

Installing solar window films in shopping malls provides a number of significant benefits to both the retail operators and their customers. Customers benefit from reduced glare through the windows, a more comfortable and even temperature throughout the mall and enhanced glass safety. All of these provide a more positive shopping experience for the consumer. Retail operators also benefit from this, as a happier customer will likely stay longer and spend more on their products or services. Retailers gain additional benefits from solar films including less UV radiation (which minimises fading their furnishings, carpets and décor), as well as reduced air conditioning costs (helping the bottom line). 

By installing solar window films in shopping malls, there are obvious environmental benefits, coupled with aesthetic improvements to the exterior of the building. Together with reduced costs, higher profits and a positive customer experience, it’s no surprise this type of investment makes perfect sense.   

If you’re wanting to educate yourself further about tinted window films, below are some of the most common questions people ask.

Do tinted windows affect visibility?

Looking through a window that is protected with a reflective window tint is just about the same as looking through a clear window. Depending on the tint you select of course, you will be able to tell that a tint has been applied, but this won’t affect your view through the windows. In fact, reflective window tints provide a contemporary and uniform appearance to the exterior of buildings, improving its curb appeal and value.

How long does window film last?

The life of reflective window films depends on a variety of factors, including the window construction, type of glass, orientation of the windows, and where the building is located. All of our reflective window films have a guaranteed warranty of 10 years, but they can last for much longer in ideal situations.

How much money can be saved with reflective window tints?

There are lots of variables involved in the costs of your energy, but it’s been estimated that installing reflective window tints in homes and offices can save up to 30% on the summer cooling bills. The larger the building, the more money is saved, but most homeowners and business owners would be very happy with a reduction of 30% in their power bills!

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