Avery Dennison Collaborates With Railways and Metros To Provide Branding Solutions And Enhanced Exterior Aesthetics

Avery Dennison India has significantly supported Indian Railways and Metros by improving their exterior aesthetics and providing effective branding solutions. Through their involvement in two notable projects, we have demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality and innovative products that meet the diverse requirements of the Indian Railways and Metros.

IPL Branding on Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC):

During the IPL Season in March, we collaborated with the Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) for a short-term promotional campaign. The objective was to generate more excitement for IPL during this significant sporting event. To fulfil LMRC's commercial and technical needs, we selected our MPI Grey Gold digital print film. Known for its exceptional versatility, this product offered remarkable value for money, good outdoor durability, block-out performance with its grey adhesive, easy removability, and excellent printability on inkjet platforms.

Lucknow Railways Branding, Avery Dennison Grey Gold Print FIlm

The successful completion of the IPL branding project garnered positive feedback from the media and government officials, solidifying our position as a reliable partner for branding solutions. This achievement opened doors for future collaboration opportunities with the LMRC, further strengthening our relationship.

Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train Graphics:

In a contrasting project, we collaborated with Indian Railways for the Bharat Gaurav Tourist Train project, a theme-based tourism initiative. Understanding the significance of this project for the Indian Railways and IRCTC, we utilised our expertise in graphics wrapping to enhance the exterior walls of the train coaches.

Bharat Gaurav Indian Railways Wrapping, Avery Dennison Digital print film
Bharat Gaurav Indian Railways Wrapping, Avery Dennison Digital print film

To meet the project's long-term durability requirements, we proposed the use of our MPI 1105 Easy Apply wrapping film, renowned for its exceptional print performance and longevity. This high-quality film provided superior printability, image quality, and 3D conformability, making it an ideal choice for train wraps. The first train was successfully completed within the specified timeframe in March 2023, and several more trains are currently in the pipeline.

Collaborating with Indian Railways on the Bharat Gaurav Train project further strengthened our position as a trusted partner for railways. The successful execution of this project highlights their ability to deliver high-quality products that align with the Indian Railways' objectives.

We are proud to have contributed to these significant projects. The completion of the IPL branding project with LMRC and the ongoing collaboration on the Bharat Gaurav Train project showcases our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions.

The positive feedback received from both projects underscores our products' effectiveness and ability to meet the unique requirements of the Indian Railways and Metros. With a focus on innovation and quality, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with them and exploring further opportunities.

Our converting partners - Media Vision for LMRC branding projects and Techno Experts for the Bharat Gaurav Express project- have exceptionally executed these remarkable projects. As our partnership grows stronger, we can expect to witness more remarkable transformations that will improve the visual appeal of Metros & Railways and contribute to a more engaging and memorable experience for passengers.