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Beat the heat while reinforcing your safety

Summers are just around the corner. So how can we keep ourselves cool and safe while staying indoors with our family? Retail spaces, restaurants, showrooms and offices, often employ large windows and glasses to display their unique offerings to passersby and to attract them to step in. Susceptible to break-ins and accidents, these windows and glass displays are not only the most vulnerable point in a building’s exterior but can also render your air conditioning ineffective by letting the solar heat through.

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Combine solar heat rejection with safety

As is the case in many window applications, most customers are looking not only for enhanced safety but also solar heat rejection to bring down the air conditioning costs and saving money. Attractive, efficient and secure, Avery Dennison’s Solar Safety Interior Window Films, combine the shard protection of safety and security films with outstanding solar energy rejection for the needs of the industry, businesses and institutions. In addition to this, all of Avery Dennison window films provide excellent UV block, protecting people and property from damaging ultraviolet rays.

Already have solar window films installed? Upgrade them!

Have a pre-installed solar window film and looking to add safety features to them? Add safety and security protection to any Avery Dennison solar window film by installing it in combination with a safety film. Available in a full range of thicknesses, you can select the right solution based on the desired amount of hazard protection you require, without reducing the efficacy of the existing solar window films.

Customizable for privacy and style

Looking to spruce up the outlook of your real estate asset by now? Create privacy without sacrificing natural light with SF Matte i Series. Decorative interior window film provides privacy and personal safety in retail, bathroom and office applications. This product combines anti-fragmentation security with an attractive sandblasted aesthetic to deliver a safe and cost-effective alternative to privacy glass or partitions.

Installation of matte window film in an office

Adherence to the building codes and safety standards

Worldwide, many governments have issued mandatory safety guidelines which demand glazing that meets certain safety standards such as impact-resistant glass in schools or blast protection for retail locations. Whether the threat is an impact, vandalism, break-in, natural disaster or even spontaneous breakage, our Window Film experts at Avery dennison can help you navigate through the different requirements for different applications by recommending the right product.


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About Avery Dennison Window Films

Architectural Window Films from Avery Dennison can improve the performance and transform the appearance of commercial, industrial and residential buildings. Major glazing system enhancements are available for both interior and exterior use, including solar protection and window safety applications.

In March 2017 Avery Dennison acquired Hanita Coatings, a leading manufacturer of Solar and Safety window films for architectural applications, with over 30 years of manufacturing and R&D experience. Rebranded as Avery Dennison in 2019, the comprehensive range of premium window films are now available through an expanded and strengthened distribution network in Asia. 

Have a project in hand? Get expert guidance from the Avery Dennison team to select the right window film for optimum performance. Drop us an email at or fill out our contact us form