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How to keep your car wrap pristine

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Avery Dennison’s Supreme Wrapping Films combine an outstanding performance with a speedy application process to create a premium car wrap that is second to none. With a wide range of standard colours and a colour matching service, you can transform your vehicle into your dream car with a smooth finish that’s both long lasting and stunning.

However, despite the durability of our Supreme Wrapping Films, you still need to do your part to keep your new wrap looking as good as new and for as long as possible. So regardless of whether you opt for a full or partial wrap, these tips will ensure it’s kept in pristine condition.

1. Always wash your car  by hand

Don’t take your car through the car wash, as the brushes can damage the wrap or cause the edges to lift. Instead, wash your car by hand using a pH neutral car wash and soft cloth or sponge. Avery Dennison branded car wash cleaner and power cleaner are specifically formulated to ensure a longer life for our car wraps. Avoid using a gurney or high pressure water jet to clean your car as this can also damage the wrap.


2. Use only microfibers or soft cleaning cloth

Use a chamois, microfiber or soft non-abrasive cloth after you have hand washed your car to avoid water spots and then leave it to dry naturally.  


3. Avoid using strong chemicals on the wrap

Abrasive polishes, solvents or harsh chemicals can damage your car wraps so these should be avoided when it comes to cleaning. Don’t use any form of wax or any products that contain petroleum distillates. As a best practice, always test new products on a small inconspicuous section of the wrap to ensure that it doesn’t damage the surface.

4. Invest in after wash care

Once dry, follow up with the Avery Dennison sealant that provides a protective layer after every wash. This sealant makes it easier to remove droppings and tree sap. You can use the power cleanser to spot clean droppings and tree sap as soon as they happen to avoid damaging the car wrap.

Cleaning the exterior of your car regularly will also ensure that dirt, grime, droppings and tree sap doesn’t have time to accumulate and damage the  wrap.

Following the above points will keep your car wrap looking pristine and ensure maximum durability.  

If you haven’t yet invested in a wrap for your vehicle, let it be known that Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Films include a fast wrapping process, fewer seams, infinite range of colours and branding opportunities. Why not safeguard your vehicle’s paintwork and amplify your branding message by installing an Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film on your commercial vehicles?