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Benefits of Wall Decal/ Mural vs Wallpaper

R SkyLite 20 XTRM Reflective window film installed on a shopping centre skylight

Large statement murals and signature wall decals help hotels to define their place within a city and promote their brand’s message. The blend of art with architecture and interior design goes beyond a pleasing aesthetic into the realms of wellness, connection and inspiration. Large wall decals and murals are leading the way in hotel art, providing both an aesthetic and a functional balance that is hard to dismiss.

Commercial wall paper on the other hand, holds a tradition and acceptance that is hard to beat and has always been the go-to solution for adding colour and design to interior hotel spaces. With the increasing popularity of wall murals and decals however, is there still room for wallpaper in hotel interior design or should we forge ahead with murals and decals?

The case for wall paper in hotel interior designs

Although wallpaper might seem like an outdated design feature to many hotel operators, it’s making a big comeback in the style department. There is virtually a wallpaper revival going on, so should hotels be leveraging this increasing trend? 

Modern commercial wallpaper is long lasting and highly durable with a fabric backing and a water based adhesive that allows easy removal. The cost of commercial wallpaper and its application is not extraordinarily expensive and it’s not a time consuming job when professionals are involved. 

Wallpaper is ideal for high traffic areas and for walls that aren’t always in the best condition. It’s also perfect for hotels who want to add colour and ambiance to large spaces, but don’t want to redecorate these areas for five to ten years. It’s also easy to replace a damaged section of wallpaper. There are numerous colours and designs available, including textured wallpapers and neutrals that add a timeless quality to hotel interior spaces. You can even digitally recreate old wallpaper designs to repair wallpaper that is no longer manufactured. 

Wallpaper can be applied to feature walls in guest rooms or can add an intriguing dimension to long hallways and larger spaces. So given all these benefits of commercial wallpaper, why are we seeing an increasing trend in large statement wall murals and decals in hotels?

The case for large wall murals and decals in hotel interior designs 

Large wall murals add a massive amount of visual interest to a space. If you want your guests to be awed when they enter your hotel’s foyer, then a wall mural ticks all the boxes. Custom designed to fit specific spaces, the theme of your mural can be anything from a tropical beach, racing cars, underwater seascape, customers drinking coffee or a skyline view of the city. Murals leave a lasting impression on your guests and are easy to apply and remove, giving you plenty of options for changing the ambiance of your spaces.  

On the other hand, wall decals are generally used to promote a hotel’s branding or message and don’t need to cover an entire wall, although this can be easily accomplished. They are a more affordable option than large wall murals, but also offer a modern way to connect and engage with your guests.

The quality of the imagery in both wall decals and murals is quite literally stunning. So if you want to impress your guests, these are the obvious choice. For more extensive wall spaces throughout your hotel where you want to create a particular ambiance that reflects your brand, wallpaper is the ideal solution.

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