Supreme™ PPF Ultima

Avery Dennison Supreme™ PPF Ultima

Absolute Protection for Peace of Mind

Introducing the Supreme PPF Ultima, a remarkable PU-Based paint protection film designed to take the defence of your vehicle's paint to the next level. This cutting-edge film offers outstanding protection against everyday damage, while providing exceptional value for your investment. With self-healing properties, minor scratches from stone chips become a thing of the past, and its hydrophobic nature ensures water beads off effortlessly, maintaining a sleek, glossy appearance. The ease of installation is a standout feature, thanks to its optimal stretch properties, making it a hassle-free solution for all your paint protection needs.

Available in ASEAN only

Reliable Warranty

A reliable 5-year warranty that safeguards against yellowing, cracking, or any manufacturing defects. No need to compromise with unbranded or substandard alternatives. 

High-Gloss and Clear Finish

Unleash the true potential of your car's appearance in the captivating beauty of a clear, high-gloss finish and turn heads wherever you go.

Self-Healing Properties

Bid farewell to visible scratches, surface-level damages, and swirl marks that naturally vanish when exposed to higher temperatures in sunlight.

Stain Resistant

Effectively withstands stains, chemicals, and scratches while offering durable protection against everyday wear and tear caused by the environment.

Effortless Cleaning with Hydrophobic Properties

The advanced coating repels water, dust, and debris, ensuring a pristine appearance effortlessly, every single time.



Product Information

Supreme PPF Ultima - Product Overview ASEAN

2.3 MB (pdf)
Supreme PPF Ultima - Product Overview ASEAN

Supreme™ PPF Ultima - Product Data Sheet

251.4 KB (pdf)
Supreme™ PPF Ultima - Product Data Sheet

Warranty Information

Supreme PPF - Warranty Bulletin 1.0

71.2 KB (pdf)
Supreme PPF - Warranty Bulletin 1.0

Avery Dennison Supreme™ PPF Terms and Conditions

87.7 KB (pdf)
Avery Dennison Supreme™ PPF Terms and Conditions

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