Introducing RAPID EDGE™ Technology

For enhanced Speed and Precision


A key feature on all Supreme PPF Xtreme films, revolutionary RAPID EDGE Technology brings unprecedented efficiency and ease to the installation process.

Wraps around and sticks down fast

Significantly reduces installation times

Reduced reliance on chemicals

The RAPID EDGE Technology platform boasts remarkable application performance, enabling the film to wrap around edges easily and adhere quickly. It significantly reduces installation times, allowing professionals to complete projects more efficiently. With RAPID EDGE reliance on chemicals is reduced, as all that's needed to secure the film firmly in place is warm water.

Avery Dennison's RAPID EDGE Technology sets a new standard in PPF installation, providing professionals with a reliable and efficient solution. By reducing reliance on chemicals and simplifying the process, this technology enables installers to achieve superior results while saving time. When you use Supreme PPF Xtreme films equipped with RAPID EDGE technology, automotive enthusiasts can enjoy enhanced vehicle protection without compromising on quality or convenience.


Activating the RAPID EDGE Technology


Step 1:

Spray both sides of the film with warm water to activate the RAPID EDGE technology

Step 2:

Lock the edges of the film down with a squeegee



Products featuring RAPID EDGE technology

Supreme™ PPF Xtreme Gloss

New! Supreme™ PPF Xtreme Satin

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