Shield IR 75 Automotive Window Film

Visible Light and Heat Control

Avery Dennison Shield IR 75 automotive window film delivers exceptional heat rejection and visible light transmission with a virtually clear film. Shield IR 75 utilizes nanotechnology to reject infrared heat and solar energy without any visual distortion or noticeable darkening.

Cool and comfortable drive

High-end comfort from advanced technology that delivers extreme infrared heat rejection, up to 83% (SIRR)

Upgrade the look

High optical clarity and pale blue tone. Perfect protection solution in combination with darkened privacy glass, or where local regulations limit the use of darker tinted films.

UV protection

Certified maximum UV protection 50+, blocks >99% of harmful UV rays

Clean & easy installation

Specially designed high-performance adhesive for professional installation and clean removal.

Interruption free signals

Zero interference of electronic equipment (metal free)

Warranty coverage

Long-lasting colour stability that won’t fade¹ and lifetime warranty²

Product Specifications
IR 75 Infrared Spectrally-Selective Film
Film Total Solar Energy Rejected
Infrared Energy Rejected
Selective InfraRed Rejection
Visible Light  Glare Reduction
Transmitted  Reflected (Exterior)

Shield IR 75

44% 59% 83%




This image has been simulated and is not actual product comparison


1 For information on warranty terms, exclusions and certain limitations that apply please see the applicable product data sheets and other literature and bulletins on our website


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