Supreme Ceramic IR Series

Cool Drive with Premium Heat Shielding

*Available in ASEAN*

The Supreme Ceramic IR Series delivers high levels of comfort for the occupants for exciting journeys. Powered by the next-generation most advance infrared inhibitors, this premium quality film offer maximum level of TSER packed with top of the line performance to ensure cool driving astonishing aesthetic.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Superior heat rejection with high VLT
  • Zero signal interference
  • Low angle haze
  • High glare reduction for comfort driving
  • Ease of installation with optimal shrink properties
  • 99% UV rejection
Ease of installation

Excellent professional installer featured, including optimal heat-shrink capabilities that tack fast for a durable and secure fit and easy clean removal for effortless adjustments.

Phantom Black Appearance

The attractive UV-stable Phantom Black tone of Supreme Ceramic IR Series tinting films are available in three VLT levels which upgrade vehicle appearance.

This image has been simulated and is not actual product comparison


1 For information on warranty terms, exclusions and certain limitations that apply please see the applicable product data sheets and other literature and bulletins on our website


Product Specifications

Supreme Ceramic IR Series

Technology Supreme Nano-X IR Technology
Color Tone Phantom Black
Construction 2-Ply Weatherable
Warranty Lifetime, Limited Non-Transferable
Color Stable Yes
Film Total Solar Energy Rejected
Infrared Energy Rejection
Infrared Energy Rejection
Visible Light  Glare Reduction
Transmitted  Reflected (Exterior)

Supreme Ceramic IR 15

71% 67% 95%




Supreme Ceramic IR 25

65% 95%




Supreme Ceramic IR 50

64% 95%




Supreme Ceramic IR 70

60% 90%






Supreme Shield IR Series - Product Data Sheet

267.2 KB (pdf)
Supreme Shield IR Series - Product Data Sheet

Supreme Ceramic IR Series - Product Overview ASEAN

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Supreme Ceramic IR Series - Product Overview ASEAN

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