Specialty Films


Fluorescent Films

500 Fluor Film

Avery Dennison 500 Fluor Films increase the attention value of short term advertising messages.


900 Fluor Film

Avery Dennison® 900 Fluor Films increase the attention value of safety applications and advertising messages.

Polyester Films

Silver and Gold Film

Avery Dennison® Silver and Gold films allow you to give the appearance of unique treatments for a fraction of the cost. Metallized Vinyl Films give the appearance of a brushed chrome or copper material, or alternatively, a mirror-like gold and silver film finish.

ASEAN    South Asia


100 Polyester Series

Topcoated polyester films offer an environmentally responsible alternative to PVC films.


100 Metallized Series

Create the unique appearance of brushed metals or embossed metals with these innovative films.

100 Special Effect Series

Special materials for unique, demanding applications.