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Translucent and Light Control Films

Translucent Films allow light to shine through your graphics, available in a wide range of colors. Diffuser and Blockout Films are premium cast films designed for applications involving illuminated light boxes. Both are ideal for architectural or directional signage and outdoor advertising and are easily plotter cut or screen printed.


Cast Translucent Films

5500 QM Translucent Film

Translucent Film for backlit illuminated signs.

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5600 LD Translucent Film

A self adhesive translucent film for illuminated LED light box building signing, eliminating LED “hot spots” without the cost and complexity of additional diffuser film.



900 Light Control Films

Premium quality cast films for light control in illuminated signage applications.

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Polymeric Calendered Films

4500 TF Translucent Film

Translucent films for medium-life backlit signage.

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Flexible Substrates

AD Flex 1

Flexible substrate especially designed to be decorated with Avery Dennison® 5500 QM Translucent Films.

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AD Flex 3

Unique flexible substrate, designed for use with Avery Dennison® 4500 Translucent Films.

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