Cleaning Recommendations

Cleaning of PVC Laminates

Avery Dennison films should not be cleaned or washed within the first 48 hours after application.

For cleaning of exterior floor graphics, the high-pressure equipment should not exceed 1200 psi (80 bars or 84 kg/cm²). A minimum distance of 30cm should be maintained to prevent decal edge lift.

Wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). For more information, please check your local government health guidelines.

These cleaning products are recommended for use
Detergent / Solutions
i.e. Dishwashing Liquids
Detergent Disinfection / Disinfectants (Chlorine-based) / 
Antibacterial surface wipes or sprays
(must be diluted following the instructions of the manufacturer)
These cleaning products are not recommended for use
Powder or liquid abrasive cleaners  
Harsh chemicals e.g. acids, Alkali solutions