Avery Dennison science driven innovation has developed the strongest, most durable paint protection you can give your vehicle. Built up to four essential layers, each Avery Dennison paint protection film is guaranteed to preserve perfect paintwork against extreme conditions.

Stain Resistant

Scratch Protection

Self Healing


Supreme™ PPF Xtreme is our most advanced next generation paint protection film, offering an extended 10 year warranty, optimised installation performance, and enhanced self-healing and stain resistance. It comes with an ultra gloss finish, virtually invisible and non yellowing -  Supreme™ PPF Xtreme lifts a car's appearance and helps preserve resale value.

Our full range of Supreme™ PPF offerings:

  • Supreme™ PPF Xtreme
  • Supreme™ PPF Optima (available in select locations only)
  • Supreme™ PPF Enduro (available in India only)
  • Supreme™ PPF Matte
  • Supreme™ PPF neo Black

Get in touch with our certified installers today to find out more about our Supreme™ PPF Series.

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