Avery Dennison’s Integrated Component System (ICS) Warranty Program offers a peace of mind solution for all Avery Dennison customers.

Standard Sales Terms and Conditions

Avery Dennison’s unparalleled commitment to quality ensures that every product we produce is designed, engineered and manufactured to the specification required for a broad variety of end applications. This general product quality guarantee ensures that our products are delivered in accordance with the agreed specifications and to a consistently high quality.


ICS Performance Guarantee

The ICS Performance Guarantee assures the performance of our films with a wide range of qualified components and printer platforms. This is a result of many years of joint development work with industry leading printer, ink and clear coat manufacturers – and will continue to expand as new products are introduced to the market.

The ICS Performance Guarantee is provided to all customers upon the mutual agreement between the customer and Avery Dennison, on the understanding that they are working according to the relevant Avery Dennison Technical Bulletins associated with that product.

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