Avery Dennison End Cap Recycling Program

Avery Dennison's end cap recycling program offers an easy and cost-effective sustainable solution to recycle your plastic end caps, diverting them from landfills into a more sustainable manufacturing stream.


Flow of the recycling program: 

  • End caps are stored by customers in bags provided by Avery Dennison
  • Full bags are collected by us and passed on to our recycling partners
  • Plastic is cleaned and shredded into granules.
  • Granules are turned in various products going back into the cycle
Process flow for end cap recycling program
Paint Protection Film / Supreme Protection Film

End Cap Recycling Program Overview


  • How the recycling program works, 
  • The critical role of our customer in this process and
  • The support Avery Dennison provides to ensure smooth facilitation of the entire process 

End Cap Recycling Infographic

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End Cap Recycling Infographic

Together we can eliminate the end cap waste

We need your support in making this program a success. Find out how you can get started with us today.


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