Sustainable Labels Portfolio

Products in the Label and Packaging Materials portfolio qualify by meeting one or more of the following criteria:

Enables Recycling, Reuse or Compostability
What we use can be used again.

Solutions that enable the reuse and recyclability of packaging and the recyclability of label waste, and is compostable


Features a breakthrough adhesive that eliminates contamination of PET plastic by allowing label and container to neatly part ways during the recycling process, improving yields of recycled PET plastic. Also suitable for HDPE recycling.

HDPE Recycling

Film labels combined with emulsion acrylic adhesive that enhance the recyclability of high-density polyethylene containers. Certified by the Association of Plastic Recyclers as a reliable mono-material solution.

Contains recycled content
Give a second life to what has already been used.

Facestocks and liners that include post-industrial waste or post-consumer recycled content


Made with 30% recycled PP resin, rPP is designed for brands that seek to increase the recycled content of their packaging without the need to alter brand aesthetics. 


First recycled non top-coated DT paper in market, features with 15% post consumer waste. Solution for thermal applications that focused on sustainability, and give similar performance as standard grade.

rPET Liner

Made partially from recycled PET plastic, rPET liner is the thinnest filmic liner currently in the market (23 microns), with PET liner recycling options available.

Sustainable Wine Labels

Premium labels containing up to 100% recycled content or crop waste.

Biomass Balance

An emulsion adhesive that consists of 30% raw materials originating from renewable resources, providing a more sustainable solution for paper labels.

Reduction in the use of materials
Use only what is necessary.

Thinner facestock, adhesive, or liner that uses less raw materials to be manufactured


A fully conformable and squeezable label that provides high conversion speed, greater operational productivity, cost efficiencies, and is paired with the thinner BG33 glassine liner for greater sustainability advantage.


The thinnest film label, ideal for high-speed labelling needs.

Global MDO

A semi-squeezable construction that improves conformable labelling. Engineered to provide a balance of rigidity and conformability with excellent strength and stability that enable the widest operating window. 


A thin semi-squeezable construction that combines the best features of rigid and conformable films. Excellent clarity and converting performance.

BG33 Liner

A thinner FSC certified liner paired with Avery Dennison’s rPP and rPET labels.

Responsibly sourced
Products sourced from a supply chain that shows care for people and the environment.

Film made from renewable alternatives and paper certified by FSC® or other organizations

FSC® Certified

The industry’s widest selection of facestocks certified by the Forest Stewardship Council®, with more than 80% of the paper products purchased made with FSC certified wood fiber.

Life Cycle Assessment

Sustainability results you can measure Avery Dennison Life Cycle Assessment Tool quantifies the environmental impacts of the labels in our sustainability portfolio across six different categories. 

The scope of the analysis is from material extraction to processing by Avery Dennison, to end-of-life, which helps you easily visualize potential environmental savings, providing greater transparency of your materials’ impact and stronger confidence in your decision-making. 

  • Energy consumption
  • Fossil material consumption
  • Biobased material consumption
  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water consumption
  • Solid waste generation


AD Circular

The Avery Dennison liner and matrix recycling program

Label waste is not always visible on the final packaging, but its impact on brand reputation is no less real. 

For the effective recycling of PET and glassine liners as well as the matrix, a proper waste collection system and separation technologies must be in place. 

Avery Dennison continues to add suitable recyclers to our AD Circular program, making it easier for converters and brand owners to take part in creating a circular economy and secure their sustainability credentials. 

(The availability of the program may vary among Avery Dennison operating sites)

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