Premium Cast Films

These premium cast films have superior conformability and maximum durability for substrates with curves and recesses.


MPI 1000 Series

MPI 1105 Series

The ultimate wrapping solution, brings new levels of printability, image quality and 3D conformability to vehicle wraps.

MPI 1405 Easy Apply RS

PVC-free, digitally printable film that captivates with superior color pop and conformability to tough textured surfaces, including brick and cinderblock.

MPI 1060 Transparent

This film is a premium quality, flexible high gloss vinyl film with permanent adhesive and is ideal for long-term architectural graphics, window graphics, signage and floors.


MPI 1104 Cast Series

A gloss white, highly conformable, self-adhesive vinyls for digital printing. As part of the new generation Digital Cast Films, they cope easily with 3D challenges such as rivets and corrugations.


MPI 1106 Hi-Tack Series

Reliable performance on rough and apolar surfaces, and surfaces with low surface energy. An Easy Apply™ (EA) liner is available. MPI 1106 Hi-Tack EA for easy removal of trapped air bubbles and faster application on curved surfaces.