Frosted Sparkle SLP

Frosted Sparkle SLP

Combine Privacy with Style

Innovative and premium PVC-based films for extraordinary glass decoration applications. Ideal for windows and glass walls, these films are meant for both interior and outdoor applications and adds a layer of privacy while still allowing natural light to illuminate the interiors.
The excellent printability of these films on eco-solvent, solvent and latext printers offers endless design possibilities.



Features and Benefits:

  • An attractive film with sparkle and sandblasted glass effect bringing your interior design ideas to life
  • Vibrant colors across major printing platforms of eco-solvent, solven and latex
  • Change easily with quick and simple installation and conversion thanks to excellent dimensional stability and removable adhesive
  • Transucent films which allows natural light to pass
  • 1 year outdoor and 2-year indoor durability, making it ideal for changing with the design trends
  • Also available in PET liner variant for easier wet application



Frosted Sparkle SLP - Product Overview

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Frosted Sparkle SLP - Product Overview

Frosted Sparkle SLP - Product Data Sheet

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Frosted Sparkle SLP - Product Data Sheet

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