Design Window Films

The Intersection of Aesthetics and Functionality

Avery Dennison Design window films are an ideal way to add functionality and design to the built environment. Architects and interior designers depend on our Design interior films to create privacy, deliver messages and even disguise unattractive building features while our exterior films can be used for a makeover while contributing towards a more energy efficient building.


Design Interior Films

Delivering enhanced functionality through interior design, Avery Dennison Design Interior films provide visual privacy and deliver branding or graphics messages while providing UV protection from sun damage and fading.

The DS Matte i, DS i and DS UV films are valued by architects and designers for their:

  • High visible light transmission allows the natural daylight to stream in
  • Universal adhesive system compatible with most glass and rigid plastic substrates
  • Removable adhesive for easy installation and residue-free removal
  • Outstanding print solution and ink anchorage
  • 90% UV block protects interiors for sun damage and fading
DS Matte i

Provides a translucent sandblasted aesthetic, adding privacy and elegance to doors, window and glass partitions.


DS White i

When applied to the window interiors of glass-fronted buildings, DS White i interior films are ideal for providing complete privacy or to hiding unattractive interiors.

DS UV Filter i

DS UV Filter i provides high UV protection and enhanced occupant comfort, while being virtually undetectable to the naked eye. Its low reflectivity preserves the view both day and night!

Design Exterior Films

Like the Design Interior Films, the Design Exterior films delivering enhanced functionality through interior design but are applied to the exterior glass surface for a convenient, non-disruptive installation.

Features + Benefits:

  • Heat rejection for enhanced comfort and reduced energy usage and cooling costs
  • Block 99+% UV reduces fading and damage from the sun
  • Bold makeover in strong colors for a dramatic exterior building appearance upgrade
  • Daytime privacy
DS Bronze X

DS Bronze X exterior design window films cast a warm coppery glow that complements natural surroundings yet lend an air of sophistication. Reflective properties protect the interior furnishings from sun damage and fading.


DS Blue X

Featuring a sophisticated blue tone with minimal visible reflection, DS Blue X can transform colored glazing, making it a popular film for both residential and commercial buildings.