Easy Apply Technology

green and carbon wrapped car

Avery Dennison® Easy Apply Films offer a patented performance feature designed to make installation easier and more effective no matter what the skill level of the applicator. All EZ and EZ RS products are designed to make the installation of large panel graphics on fleet and vehicles much easier and quicker than ever before.

Easy Apply films allow an installer to limit the risks associated with graphic application, such as wrinkling and entrapped air bubbles. In addition, an installer can also re-position a graphic within the first few minutes of applying material. If air bubbles are trapped, it is possible for small bubbles to be pressed out with relative ease. The Easy Apply RS (EZ RS) films have the added advantage of repositionability, or slideability of graphics as well as air egress.

Professional looking graphics are easier and less costly to achieve when using EZ and EZ RS Series films.